If there is the famous seven habits of highly effective people, well you only need one for you to become ineffective. You just have to procrastinate things. I came across this word recently, but I have been doing this lately.

As a student, I love cramming whether its an exam, assignments or projects. I loved to wait until the last deadline for me to sort all things out in school and as a result I always beg for an EXTENSION!. Even in waking up in the morning, I had to set up multiple alarms so that I could prolong my time at bed, and as a result I would be LATE then. At work, I tend to prolong some activity that later affects another activity in which eventually becomes a DELAY! In home, procrastinating of household chores would end up undesirable disputes. A simple chore of emtying trash bin, if taken for granted would end up on verbal scrimmages then eventually on SHED tears (especially if you are up against your wife ;-))! Even in playing Clash of Clans, i still tend to procrastinate. During Clan Wars, upon seeing there is much time left to attack, I opted to do the usual looting on another villages and as I am sweeped away by time, later I realized that the Clan War is over. As a result I am BOOTED out in the clan.

I do hope that there will be somewhat like a medication that you can dose off every morning to ensure that there will be no Procrastinating the whole day. But there is none. How about you guys?? Any tips…By the way, it took me over a week to post this, another Procrastinating… ciao! ~buknoi~


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